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Time Funding Agency Title Projekt Leader
2016-2021 DFG, Emmy Noether Program Cryptography beyond the black-box model S. Faust
since 2015 DFG Application Specific Block Ciphers and a Focus on the Linear Layer G. Leander
since 2015 DFG Heisenberg-Professor G. Leander
2015 - 2018 DFG Scalable Cryptography E. Kiltz
2015 - 2018 NRW, Fortschrittskolleg SecHuman: Sicherheit für Menschen im Cyberspace E. Kiltz
2015 - 2018 EU, ECRYPT-CSA H2020 Coordination and Support Action E. Kiltz
2014-2019 EU, ERC Consolidator Grant 2013 Efficient Resource Constrained Cryptography E. Kiltz
2012 - 2017 DFG, GRK 1817 Ubiquitäre Kryptographie Ubicrypt S. Faust, E. Kiltz, G. Leander, A. May
2013 - 2015 GIF - German Israeli Foundation project Secure Encryption in the Presence of Strong Adversaries E. Kiltz
2010 - 2015 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Sofja Kovalevskaja Award E. Kiltz
2012 - 2013 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Humboldt Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers Hoeteck Wee (Host: E. Kiltz)