Matthias Minihold

Matthias Minihold

Research Interests

  • Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)
    1) Studying prevalent Fully Homomorphic Encryption schemes, primitives they build upon and their applications
    2) Defining minimal requirements of practical FHE schemes to increase efficiency, i.e. in the Cloud-Storage setting
    3) Studying limits on the functionality and practicality of FHE schemes for various use-cases

  • Easy to use online privacy tools for a broad range of applications and impact on even the unheeding society

  • My PGP Fingerprint

    You're welcome to send an (encrypted) eMail to me. Find HowTo's for Thunderbird, Webmail, Outlook users here.

    GnuPG/PGP0x5A44531DMatthias.Minihold8BF9 338E 4064 C10F C62A 5B92 CAF9 B773 5A44 531D

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    Fingerprint: 8BF9 338E 4064 C10F C62A 5B92 CAF9 B773 5A44 531D
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    obtuse Waterloo chisel microwave crackdown getaway snapline atmosphere southward chambermaid erase misnomer spellbind Waterloo seabird hurricane enlist designing dwelling breakaway